Tosh Timesculpture

Toshiba’s new ad above (which links to this site) seems to be making a few waves online today, with the brand describing the results as a “perfectly choreographed collage of manipulated pieces of time.”

If, in addition to the now-obligatory ‘making of’ film, you’re looking for more details, The Guardian seems to have covered the bases.

This article includes the following two quotes, which I’ve singled these out because of their feeble attempt (and failure) to justify the ad, articulated in the usual hyped up marketingese:

“Leading innovation is a philosophy that drives all parts of Toshiba’s business. Our new advertising campaign is a natural extension of this belief,” said the Toshiba marketing director, Matt McDowell.

“Only a visual metaphor of the magnitude of timesculpture could even hint at the step change you’ll get from standard definition screens,” said Jon Williams, the chief creative officer at ad agency Grey London.

But doesn’t the bullet time style feel rather dated now (not to mention boring to watch)? In fact, I hate this kind of ad and the accompanying ‘look how clever we are’ pr for all of its desperate pretensions and delusions of grandeur.

Great execution is one thing (although that’s debatable here) but surely, to really stand out, you need to have a vibrancy and the ability to stimulate people?

Our desire to be entertained should be of paramount importance, and the tuning fork characteristic of any great creative. Yes, people want something different, but what we really want is something that resonates… and this ad offers zero emotional investment.

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