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“I Don’t Care”

“You do realise that doesn’t mean anything – it’s a brand. They could put out a brick if they wanted to and call it an iPhone.”

An iPhone 4 shopper walks into a store and gets the lowdown on HTC’s Evo as an alternative…


iPad Briefing vs East End Empire

From the genius that is Adam Buxton, the Rebel Alliance is briefed on the iPad’s game-changing capabilities. Meanwhile, in a parallel galaxy far far away, London’s Lord of the Sith takes charge of his pedigree chums…


The death of the imagination, or a brave new world where reading becomes experiential?

While it probably helps to encourage kids to read, I have a feeling that it could reboot their expectations of what books should be like – and it’s where ‘reading’ comes second to ‘playing’.

On the other hand, it certainly brings Lewis Carroll’s imaginative ideas for ‘Alice’ to life… With that in mind, I reckon the iPad could really do a successful job of imagining the work of Edward Lear.