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Learn Yourself with Kenny Powers

“When my ass was 19 years old, I changed the face of professional baseball. I was handed the keys to the kingdom, multi-million dollar deals, endorsements. Everyone wanted a piece of my sh*t. Just a man with a mind for victory and an arm like a fu*king cannon. But sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm.”

What do you mean, you haven’t spent any quality time with Kenny Powers yet?

Trust me, you’ve got to. Start by watching season one of HBO’s Eastbound & Down (especially the scenes with Will Ferrell’s BMW dealer) and then follow the legendary pro ball player “working towards my comeback” on twitter.

Even K-Swiss reckon that signing up the straight talking, hard living sporting legend (played by Danny McBride) to be the spokesman for their Tubes training shoes is going to pay dividends.

Dispensing his own unique brand of motivational advice (‘Powerisms’) along the way, the campaign kicked off with Powers making his demands to K-Swiss (“This ain’t my first rodeo”) and features US football players Jeremy Shockey (“Nice to children, mean to the weight room”) and Patrick Willis.

Excellence, Achievement, Attention – you can view the whole thing on the K-Swiss micro site. I’m a bulletproof tiger, dude!


Everybody Gets Knocked Down

“Everybody gets knocked down, how quick are you going to get up?”

Another inspiring film for Nike, created by Wieden & Kennedy, featuring athletes (from Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova and South African Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius to lesser-known athletes) who refuse to accept defeat.

While the visuals connect them all through one continuous chain of motion (and hence ‘the human chain’), the message really hits home through the excellent soundtrack by The Hours, which was originally recorded as a tribute to The Rumble in the Jungle.

Great Expectations

Here’s a fascinating Radio 4 profile of Fabio Capello – particularly since we know so little about him (which makes a pleasant change, doesn’t it?).

In it, Gabriele Marcotti talks about discovering the company Capello kept when he was Roma’s manager: “He fell into this circle which included poets and artists. They used to meet in this restaurant in the San Lorenzo arty neighbourhood in Rome, and while away afternoons with them, tasting different productions of olive oil with Capello. This was Capello’s bohemian period.”

When you know that one of his best friends is a Russian conductor, you know that this isn’t the same world that Kevin Keegan and Steve McClaren inhabit… and that he will never get caught by the tabloids with the likes of Ulrika Jonsson.

One thing’s for sure: he’s a man that, according to former cricketer and author of the lucid and thought-provoking What Sport Tells Us About Life, Ed Smith, “conveys a sense of expectation.”

And so, indeed, does England…