Walkman Maps

You have to zoom in close on this one, but love the way Walkman is able to communicate the idea of ‘music while travelling’ graphically.

No silhouetted dancers… just a clever way to own the idea of listening on the move.



You know the screening line, where you take off your shoes and socks and belt, etc. at airports?

Well, the American online shoe company Zappos has taken advantage of this queue and bought the space to promote a series of glowing 3D ads.

This is such a simple idea to get an entertaining message across – it’s clever and innovative marketing. This level of creativity makes me smile and shows that someone, somewhere was thinking about enhancing their brand.

After all, where better for the company to place its message than where people are going to put down their shoes? Selling shoes where shoes live, in fact!

Creative. Genius.

The Longest Reveal

With Moscow (and Russia in general) providing a happy hunting ground for European car manufacturers at present, what better place for BMW to make a splash and start the countdown for the European launch of the new 7 series later this year than in Red Square?

BMW has constructed a 12-metre-high glass hourglass (the world’s largest) against the backdrop of the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and G.U.M. which was unveiled as the centerpiece of the Never Stand Still kick-off, party thrown for 400 invited guests and celebrities.

At the start of the build-up, more than 180,000 silver balls concealed the car, which was gradually unveiled as the balls fell to the lower level… making this reveal a thing of beauty, and in marked contrast to the ubiquitous, instant and cost-effective silk reveal. In other words, BMW has achieved standout.

Pot Noodle: The Musical

Having won film festival awards at Edinburgh and Tribeca for their Eurostar film Somers Town, Mother is now producing an hour-long musical for Pot Noodle, following on from their recent TVCs, which will premier next month at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.

Pot Noodle: The Musical follows Steve and Digger in their battle against Allan Little, the Pot Noodle factory overlord. Meanwhile, Steve tries to win the affections of Sandy, the love of his life, while Little schemes to thwart him. According to Mother creative Stuart Outhwaite, “there’s even a Barry White-like number called ‘I Pay For Sex,’ because he loves fast cars and prostitutes.”

With the musical costing much less than a TV spot to produce, the team has been able to bring on Edinburgh veterans, director David Sant of Peepolykus and composer Peter Coyte. “We were told that theatre is more about high drama,” says Outhwaite. “A lot of those things started to come up in the script and we started developing and devising it with the director and the cast, so it became a collaborative process.”

So, is Mother the first agency to attempt a branded musical – or perhaps even the first for a branded stage production? Pot Noodle: The Musical opens for previews July 31 and August 1, running nightly at Assembly Rooms, on 54 George Street in Edinburgh starting at 10:30 pm.

Smart Living


Crunching the credit crunch, here’s a different kind of brand experience from Ikea – one that you actually live in… and there’s no assembly required.

Homebuyers in Gateshead with incomes between £15,000 and £35,000 per year have moved into brand-new, modestly priced apartments, paying an estimated 20% below market price.

The BoKlok (pronounced “BOO clock” — Swedish for ‘smart living’) concept was first introduced by Ikea in Sweden in 1996 and later expanded into Finland, Norway, and Denmark, is to provide low-cost, but high-quality homes using prefabricated construction.

Critter Quest

A big fun, simple idea from San Francisco Zoo called ‘Critter Quest’ – a campaign to reconnect the zoo to the people by getting people to stand in front of a series of posters, and transforming them into animals with horns, butterfly wings, etc.

The accompanying copy suggests having a friend take a picture and instructs you to load on the OurSFZoo.

Interactives work best when they are simple to interact with… and this is magic.